Podcast Episodes

Ep. #38 - Rental Rehabs (Part 1) - How Nice Is Too Nice?

Ep. #37 - Be All That You Can Be... and RICH!

Ep. #36 - VA's (Virtual Assistants) & Your Rental Real Estate Business Team

Ep. #35 - Credit Card Points Hacking... Your Rental Properties Can Allow You To Travel For FREE!

Ep. #34 - Starting Your Real Estate Business

Ep. #33 - How Do You View Money?

Ep. #32 - Focus! And Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet.

Ep. #31 - Private Lending - Be The Bank... You Can Also Invest In Real Estate As The Lender

Ep. #30 - Becoming / Being A Landlord With (Hopefully Not In Spite Of) Your Spouse

Ep. #29 - Making Deals With Lease Options - How I've Done It

Ep. #28 - Special | The Investor's Realtor - Announcing Blue Chariot Realty & Working With Realtors

Ep. #27 - Are You The Owner? No, I’m The Property Manager.

Ep. #26 - The Business & Tools of Rental Real Estate Investing & Being A Landlord

Ep. #25 - Rental Real Estate – The I.D.E.A.L. Investment

Ep. #24 - Rehab Lending: Down Payments, Appraisals, Reserves & Credit Scores

Ep. #23 - Do You Have The Right: Mindset; Attitude; Vision; Passion?

Ep. #22 - What's Your Why?

Ep. #21 - Give Me A Mountain Of Debt - With Rental Properties Going All The Way To The Top

Ep. #20 - Stock Day Trader, Realtor, Real Estate Investor... and Landlord - Chad Kastel

Ep. #19 - Self-Managing Landlords - 10 Things You Need To Stop Doing! - Part 2

Ep. #18 - Self Managing Landlords - 10 Things You Need To Stop Doing! - Part 1

Ep. #17 - My First New Build House (Ground Up Construction On An Existing Lot) In Partnership With Garrett White

Ep. #16 - Where To Get The Money? Using Other Peoples Money (OPM) For Real Estate Investing Success - Part 2

Ep. #15 - Where To Get The Money? Using Other Peoples Money (OPM) For Real Estate Investing Success - Part 1

Ep. #14 - BRRRR Might Be The Best Method Of Building Your Rental Property Empire

Ep. #13 - Avoid Becoming A DIY Landlord

Ep. #12 - Special | Elevate Your Real Estate Investment - Introducing Blue Chariot Management

Ep. #11 - Make Sure Your Lease Protects Your ASSets

Ep. #10 -Should Landlords Avoid Section 8 Tenants? Or Can Accepting Section 8 Vouchers Grow Your Rental Business?

Ep. #9 - Rental Property Advertising - How To Make Your Rental Home Stand Out From The Crowd

Ep. #8 - Don't Let Vacancy Kill Your Rental Cashflow

Ep. #7 - Books Every Real Estate Investor Should Read

Ep. #6 - Evaluate, Market, Negotiate & Fund - What It Takes To Succeed As A Real Estate Investor In 2019

Ep. #5 - Expanding On The Cashflow Quadrant - Diversify Your Income For Wealth & Financial Freedom

Ep. #4 - What Are You Willing To Sacrifice To Achieve Financial Freedom?

Ep. #3 - The First 3 Things I Had To Learn How To Do For Purchasing My First Rental Property

Ep. #2 - The Book & Townhouse That Started My [... and Landlord] Residential Rental Real Estate Investing Journey

Ep. #1 - The first... and Landlord Podcast with Jonathan Taylor Smith

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