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The [… and Landlord!] Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast was launched in April of 2019 by Entrepreneur, Realtor, Investor and Landlord – Jonathan Taylor Smith. The [… and Landlord!] Podcast provides Education and Motivation on matters of Business, Finances, and [How to Achieve Financial Freedom Through Rental Real Estate Investing] - aka being a Landlord. Anyone can be an Entrepreneur and learn to become a Rental Real Estate Investor, and the [… and Landlord!] Podcast seeks to ensure that YOU become a Business Owner and Landlord – doing so with the mindset, knowledge and tools at your disposal for success.

By listening to the [… and Landlord!] Podcast, and following the examples and tips of the trade as provided by J.T. (and his guests) – you'll receive first-hand knowledge on how to become a Professional Landlord (or greatly improve at it if you're already a Landlord), which will ultimately result in great life and financial benefits for you and your family.

“I seek to teach everyone [Rental Real Estate Investing], as I truly feel this is the best opportunity that exists today for the average person to become financially free. But also (as a Black person), I especially want to create more Real Estate Investors within the African-American community, as the history of discriminatory practices like Redlining (that still exist today in forms) have limited minority involvement [in Real Estate Investing].”

“I want to do my part to improve the financial circumstance of as many people as possible, with education on how to overcome credit, financial and even mental barriers (fear and doubt) that make people assume Real Estate Investing is beyond their reach… But it’s not!”

J.T. Smith of the [… and Landlord!] Podcast by Blue Chariot Media

About Blue Chariot Media

Blue Chariot Media is a [Blue Chariot] brand company focused on Audio / Video Production and Content Creation for Real Estate Investing (REI) Education.

REI Education from J.T. Smith and Blue Chariot Media, consists of the [… and Landlord!] Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast and Blog, YouTube Channel, and Social Media – but will also grow to include: Webinars; Books; Training / Coaching; Courses; Meetups; etc… all as needed and beneficial to educate and help people (who may start off thinking they cannot) to achieve Financial Freedom through Rental Real Estate Investing.

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Blue Chariot Media (Blue Chariot, LLC)

Additionally, [Blue Chariot] brand companies are each DBA’s and/or privately held LLC’s, established beginning in 2015 by Jonathan Taylor Smith – to provide Professional Real Estate Services for Raleigh / Durham and the Triangle Communities of North Carolina.

Blue Chariot is...

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Blue Chariot Management

Elevate your Residential Rental Real Estate Investments with Blue Chariot's Professional Property Management. From marketing your property for rent, to tenant screening and on-boarding, rent collection, maintenance and repairs, inspections, lease renewals, tenant move-out / turnovers, etc... We offer everything you'll need for your Residential Rental Property to be a profitable and headache free Real Estate Investment.

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Blue Chariot Realty

Today’s buyers and sellers need a trusted resource to guide them through the complex world of Real Estate. With our extensive knowledge and commitment to providing only the best and most timely information to our clients, we are your go-to source for Real Estate Industry insight and advice – if you're selling, buying a home to live in, or your first / next investment property.

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Blue Chariot Properties & Homes

“Residential Re-Development”... We find distressed houses and vacant lots. We then rehab those houses and build new homes on those lots – creating amazing places to live as rental homes for deserving tenants; or in some cases we sell these homes to new owner-occupants. Either way, this is both an Investment in Real Estate and in the communities where we operate.

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Podcast by Blue Chariot Media

Real Estate Investing and being a Landlord can be an intimidating endeavor. But you're not alone... We're here to help by sharing the knowledge through our [... and Landlord!] Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast, blog posts, book recommendations, YouTube videos, and more – join us... "Following a Road-map to Financial Freedom Through Residential Rental Real Estate!"

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