North Carolina Rental Property Management

Blue Chariot's Rental Property Management currently covers the Triangle area of North Carolina. We manage residential rentals in and around the four Triangle Cities of Durham, Raleigh, Cary and Chapel Hill.

Why trouble yourself unnecessarily dealing with the daily needs of your rental property? Blue Chariot's Professional Rental Property Management can remove the stress and burden – handling everything on your behalf. Blue Chariot Residential Property Management ensures that you and your tenant(s) receive first-class customer service at all times, leaving no room for dissatisfaction. It’s time to make your rental property frustrations a permanent thing of the past – while increasing profits!

BlueChariot Management single family rental unit house for Property Management

Single Family Property Management

Let Blue Chariot help build your rental empire in the Triangle - one house at a time. Houses, Townhouses, Condos... Every one is different and when they're vacant, its 100% - so you need a manager to keep them occupied and protected to the highest degree. Blue Chariot has you covered from 1 to 100 – and we take our work seriously.

BlueChariot Management Multi-Family Property Management with Duplex, Triplex or Quad Properties

Multi-Family Property Management

Do you own a multi-family property in the Raleigh / Durham area, such as a Duplex, Triplex or Quad(s)? Small multi-family rentals require special attention to effectively manage the asset, which can include common area maintenance and lawn-care, shared utilities, pest control, tenant conflicts and more... Blue Chariot knows multi-family!

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Blue Chariot Management Services

Blue Chariot's Rental Property Management, supported by our team of highly proficient vendors, offer a number of services that will make your Landlord life immensely easier – from day one. Services include...


This is critical... As a "bad" tenant can easily kill a year or more of rental income profit. Effective screening begins even before the application.


Convenient and secure rent payment options for your tenant(s). Reliable funds delivery for you – plus handling of late rent and other fees.


Every home needs to be maintained, so we have a team of vendors ready to take action as maintenance and repairs are needed (big or small).


Vacancy is a killer of rental cash-flow... Effective rental marketing keeps vacancy to a minimum, while attracting the best long-term tenants at your target / top market rents.


You need to know your numbers, and we've got you covered with online reporting of all aspects of your income, expenses and resulting ROI – including everything for taxes.

More Services...
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Entrepreneur, Real Estate Investor / Landlord, Licensed Real Estate Broker / Agent & REALTOR® - Providing Professional Residential Rental Property Management Services as Blue Chariot Management for Investment Rental Property Owners in Raleigh / Durham (Triangle) – North Carolina.

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