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Ep. #12 - Special | Elevate Your Real Estate Investment - Introducing Blue Chariot Management

Ep. #12 - Special | Elevate Your Real Estate Investment - Introducing Blue Chariot Management
Ep. #12 - Special | Elevate Your Real Estate Investment - Introducing Blue Chariot Management

Blue Chariot Management is here! #12 is a Special Episode of the […and Landlord] Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast, titled “Elevate Your Real Estate Investment – Introducing Blue Chariot Management”. Effective Property Management is an essential element of having a profitable Rental Real Estate Investment Property. This Special Episode serves as the official announcement of Blue Chariot Management. Professional Property Management by Blue Chariot for Single-Family and small Multi-Family Rental Properties in the Raleigh / Durham (Triangle) area of North Carolina.

Prior episodes of the [… and Landlord] Podcast have given insight into how you can more effectively self-manage your rental property… Like #8 | Don’ Let Vacancy Kill Your Rental Cashflow; and #9 | Rental Property Advertising How To Make Your Rental Home Stand Out From The Crowd – among others. But now you can hire Jonathan Taylor Smith and Blue Chariot Management to handle this on your behalf.

Here’s more from Jonathan Taylor Smith and what we have to offer for Triangle Property Management…

Durham Property Management

My personal rental properties are spread all over Durham. I love having rental properties and living in Durham. I moved to Durham from the Tampa Bay area of Florida, back in 1996. I met the woman who became my wife (of 19 years and counting) a short time later, and I’m still here over 23 years later. Durham is a great city to own rental property, with great things happening all over, especially in and around the Downtown Durham area. Investing in rental properties in Durham has required that I learn this city in detail – down to the street level.

Opportunities abound in Durham for: Luxury Rentals; Student Rentals; Section 8 Rentals; and everything around and in between. Rental rates are generally good compared to property cost, and appreciation is present for most areas. Durham was a great place to live when I first moved here, and it has only gotten better.

Raleigh Property Management

I live in Durham, but I’m in South Durham, about 5 minutes from Raleigh or 10 minutes from the RDU Airport. I’m near the Brier Creek area, so I’m about as close to Raleigh as you can get and still live in Durham. My office for Blue Chariot Realty (Keller Williams) is on Brier Creek Parkway. I’m just minutes from Hwy 70 (Glenwood Ave), I-540 and I-40… In other words, I’m no more than 30 minutes or so away from just about anywhere in Raleigh from my home in South Durham and KW office in Raleigh.

I’ve tried many times to obtain personal rental properties in Raleigh, but just keep getting outbid (once by only $100). I keep trying and I’m certain to get one soon and will end up with many as the years go by, but I refuse to over-pay. That’s the thing with Raleigh… All the great things underway in Durham in recent years, started years earlier in Raleigh. And Raleigh also has all the scenarios for: Luxury Rentals; Student Rentals; Section 8 Rentals – just the same, up and down.

Chapel Hill Property Management

My son was born in Chapel Hill at UNC Hospital in 2007. My wife graduated from UNC in 1998. I attend as many Basketball and Football games of UNC in Chapel Hill as I’m able (but I’ve also gone to several Duke games – both colors are in the Blue Chariot logo for a reason). And I’m driving all over Chapel Hill looking for rental properties before and after each of my appointments at UNC Medical Center. Chapel Hill is an awesome city for rental properties with both excellent rents and appreciation. And like certain areas of Durham and Raleigh, Student Rentals are popular in Chapel Hill, and can boost rental profits significantly higher than traditional rentals.

Cary Property Management

Cary (like Raleigh) is nearby my South Durham home and my Raleigh (Brier Creek) office, easily accessible within about 30 minutes via I-540 and I-40. Cary is a great rental property market, as it is ideally located for prospective tenants who may work in Raleigh or Durham, but prefer living in Cary. Cary has an overall upscale vibe, so properties can tend to be pricey, but rents can certainly cover it in many locations.

The Blue Chariot Management Team

While I’m the principle, Blue Chariot Management is not a one-man operation. I’ve built a team of people and vendors to aid me in offering Professional Property Management for Triangle Landlords. In subsequent posts, podcast episodes, etc… I’ll introduce you to the other members of the Blue Chariot Team.

Please visit: BlueChariot.Management – to learn more about Blue Chariot Management and to get a FREE Rental Analysis and quote for Professional Rental Property Management from Blue Chariot.

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