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Ep. #55 - Change Of Schedule Due To COVID-19

Ep. #55 - Change Of Schedule Due To COVID-19
Ep. #55 - Change Of Schedule Due To COVID-19

CHANGE OF SCHEDULE DUE TO COVID-19... That's not just the title of this episode, but also an announcement. Because I'd rather not talk about Corona-virus week after week (and some other reasons) - I'm temporarily changing the schedule of the show from a weekly Tuesday release, to be a little more flexible and random. For the next month (or few), I'll still be releasing episodes, but maybe not weekly (at least once per month) - and not always on a Tuesday.

So I cover my reasons in the episode (there is some content here, not just the announcement) - and among them is that I'm now my son's school teacher, like all you other parents out there. Well, my days for packed enough to begin with, and I already worked from home. But now my son is here with me each day with schools closed, so much of my attention (and time) goes to him these crazy Covid-18 days. Not getting a lot done as a result.

So that, and not wanting to just speak about the Corona-virus elephant in the room on each show - has me seeking to change things up a bit. I also mention during this episode, how content I put out just 5 shows ago, was invalidated a mere week later by Covid-19 - so I want to put out some more timeless content, which will take me a bit more prep time than what the weekly schedule permits while also teaching 8th grade along with all else that I've got going on.

So I'm going to take some time to be my son's best day, improve my businesses, get some of my on-going projects done, still put out content for the show (just not weekly for a bit) - and we'll get through this pandemic soon enough. Regardless, the show will go on - and I think it will end up even better as a result.

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