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Ep. #49 - Let's Talk... Business, Finances & Wealth

Ep. #49 - Let's Talk... Business, Finances & Wealth
Ep. #49 - Let's Talk... Business, Finances & Wealth

Let's Talk... Business, Finances & Wealth. But not just in this 49th Episode of the... and Landlord Podcast. I'm now ready (and now have the location) for an in-person local meet-up. So here I announce that starting on April 6th (and the 1st Monday of each month thereafter) - we'll have a monthly meet-up to talk about (among other things)... Business, Finances, Wealth Creation, Mindset - and so much more about MONEY.

The location? It will be at Rivals Barbershop in Downtown Durham, North Carolina (727 N. Mangum Street - Suite 100). And Rivals Barbershop is my latest business endeavor... A partnership with Professional Barber (Khedron Mims) in a Sports Themed Barbershop.

NO - I'll not be cutting anyone's hair! But in line with the purpose of this monthly meet-up - I partnered with Khedron in Rivals Barbershop because its another business that will create additional passive income for me. It also gives me the chance to lend my business knowledge and expertise to aid Khedron in creating passive income for himself.

So what better place to come together on a monthly basis to discuss helping others to do the same. If you've ever desired to start a Business; have a Business that you seek to grow; want to get into Real Estate (Flipping, Wholesaling, Rentals); or you just want to make more Money; improve your Finances and grow your Financial IQ - this is the place you need to be each 1st Monday of the month at 6:30PM.

So I use this 49th Episode of the... and Landlord Podcast - to announce both my involvement with Rivals Barbershop; and also that it will be the location of my monthly meetup. Speakers will include myself, Khedron Mims, and Garrett White (from Episode #17). And as we go forward, we will include other speakers where the value for your time will be rewarded by a factor of 10.

But it won't be the sort of thing where you can come to a meeting and then have nothing to do for a month until the next meeting. No... You'll have actions to complete, books to read, changes to make in your habits, etc... So don't come if you're not willing to take actions and make changes in your life.

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