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Ep. #54 - Now It's All About The Home

Ep. #54 - Now It's All About The Home
Ep. #54 - Now It's All About The Home

Your home is now the center of your universe - and likely (hopefully) some of your favorite people are there with you for these past weeks and those to come. And thankfully with technology being what it is today, you're likely able to connect easily with those loved ones who live outside of your home.

Also thanks to technology (depending on your specific job) - your also likely to be rather productive and continue working from home. But have you equipped and stocked your home with all your comfort items? Do you need your daily cup of coffee, and so your venturing out to get your daily Star Bucks fix? Or can you make it right there in your home with your Keurig or other deluxe home brewer? I've certainly got mine.

And we've all got the large flat screen TV's with Netflix, Prime, Hulu and all the myriad of other streaming services. Or even if you've got regular cable or satellite - you know that you're sharing someone's streaming login - right? Be honest! However you handle it, your entertainment needs are set.

And you've also stocked up on not just a ton of toilet paper, but you've got weeks worth of your favorite foods and drinks. I heard that alcohol sales went up by over 60%. So we're sipping on a little something while at home.

And so in this episode of the... and Landlord Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast - I talk about the home, and how it has become the center of our universe. And then what that may mean for the future. What does it mean to be a Landlord in a time when it seems the government has positioned itself to start covering the expenses (including RENT) for those who now cannot work due to no fault of their own.

And what will this mean for the future once this concept takes hold? Well, that's a bit political - and so I explore why I am willing to move forward with purchasing properties, even now amid all this economic uncertainty. I'm buying now (while I can), but with lending terms changing daily, that ability is quickly coming to an end. So I'll be working to get set for buying even more properties, once things start to open up again. Because I want to own as many properties as possible once the government starts paying everyone's rent - or whatever becomes the system to make sure that we're not in this same virus inflicted financial crisis all over again.

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