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Ep. #53 - Can Your Tenants Pay Their Rent?

Ep. #53 - Can Your Tenants Pay Their Rent?
Ep. #53 - Can Your Tenants Pay Their Rent?

Today is March 31st... One day from now is April 1st, when RENT IS DUE in the USA. But on this Aprils Fools Day - will Tenants even be able to pay their rent? People have largely been unable to work for the last two weeks. And more people than you may be aware are working from paycheck to paycheck. And those government relief checks have yet to arrive. So what's it going to be between April 1st to the 5th?

On is a video and guide to Landlords at: - as to how Brandon plans to handle the likely inability of some Tenants to pay rent next month, and his suggestions for doing the same.

Brandon also put out another video at: - containing the letter that he has sent to his Tenants in advance. Now for me, I have a similar version of this letter ready to go out, but I'll not be sending anything in advance. Because like I mention in this episode of the... and Landlord Podcast - to send something in advance about NON-payment of rent, suggests that it is OK to NOT pay rent.... So "No Thanks" from me on that one.

Now as I mentioned in last week's episode, I'm very glad that about 1/2 of my units are Section 8 - so I know that I'll at least be getting that money this week. But I also suspect that multiple Tenants may be unable to pay in full (or at all) - which may even include the Tenant's portion from some of my Section 8 Tenants.

Starting tomorrow (if not already), Tenants may suddenly find themselves with substantially more in expenses and bills, than they can cover with what may be significantly reduced (or NO) income. When you have to choose between food, medicine, utilities and rent - rent rightfully is not first in that list of priories. So, will Tenants be able to pay their rent for April?

This is all uncharted territory - so we'll each have to take it one step at a time. So checkout this 53rd episode of the Podcast to get my take on how this matter can be addressed - of when your Tenant's can't pay their rent (arguably through no fault of their own). Just remember - "People Before Profit"; but also, be no one's April Fool.

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