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Ep. #20 - Stock Day Trader, Realtor, Real Estate Investor... and Landlord - Chad Kastel

Ep. #20 - Chad Kastel - Stock Day Trader, Realtor, Real Estate Investor... and Landlord!
Ep. #20 - Chad Kastel - Stock Day Trader, Realtor, Real Estate Investor... and Landlord!

Episode #20 of the [... and Landlord] Rental Real Estate Investing Podcast features an interview with Stock Day Trader and Real Estate Investor / Landlord - Chad Kastel. This is only the second interview on the show, and one of the longer episodes so far, as Chad had lots of great information to share.

I met Chad earlier this year in Denver, at Joe Fareless' Best Ever Conference. Chad was one of many people I talked to at the event, but I was intrigued by his being a Stock Day Trader prior to getting into Real Estate Investing. And we had several great conversations during the 2 day conference.

You see, prior to getting into Real Estate Investing myself, I had wanted to learn how to Day Trade Stocks. I actually had a class scheduled for later in the month, when I made up my mind to go full force into Real Estate Investing - so I cancelled the class and never looked back. But meeting Chad made me wonder if I could have done both - as he's doing successfully.

But no... I know that I did the right thing, as for me, I really needed to focus on Real Estate, with all else that I've had going on. However, Chad is an inspiration being a Husband, Father, Stock Day Trader, Realtor... and Landlord!

In this episode, Chad shares how he got into Stock Day Trading, leading from all things - a card game called Magic The Gathering. And how he then got into Real Estate Investing with properties in both Upstate New York and Florida (where he lives).

Chad goes into detail on some issues and challenges he's encountered along the way, including some problems refinancing his New York mixed-use property, partnership failures and concerns with Property Management. And Chad reveals that his latest Real Estate endeavor is a partnership to complete flips in Florida, for which his wife has taken the lead.

You can also hear Chad on Episode #1734 of The Best Every Show - with Joe Fareless.

Chad Kastel - Real Estate Background:

  • Real Estate Investor since 2016
  • 1st property was a two structure single-lot house hack in Florida; 2nd was a mixed-use triplex in Upstate New York
  • Licensed Realtor in Florida
  • Based in Hollywood, Florida
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