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Ep. #33 - How Do You View Money?

Ep. #33 - How Do You View Money?
Ep. #33 - How Do You View Money?

How likely are you to acquire a lot of something that you don't like, don't value or consider to be bad or even evil? Even if you claim to want it and lots of it - would you really!? Why would you - if you feel that way about it? Can you even, if you think and speak negatively about it on a regular (if not daily) basis? What I'm talking about is MONEY.

To compare, name for me one thing that you have near constant negative thoughts about (when other people have it); speak negatively about every time the topic comes up (unless its yours); feel that its bad or even evil to have a lot of it; think that those who have it in large amounts are bad or evil and will be punished for having it - yet somehow you want as much of it as you can get!? Really, what would that be?

Money is the only thing that I'm aware of that people claim to want lots of - yet, put great effort into disparaging it and those who have it. So while I can't guarantee much, I can absolutely guarantee that you either won't have much money or won't keep it for long (even if you were to win the lottery) - if you don't change your view of money.

So this episode of the [... and Landlord!] Podcast is asking the question, "How Do You View Money?" - Because that's where it all starts. How you view (or think about) money, will determine how you treat it. Because things you treat badly won't stay around for long, if they come around at all.

In this episode, I relate some of my challenges with my own view of money - my thoughts and the books I read that lead to me changing that view. And best of all, how money started to flow my way along with opportunities for more - once money became something I desired and valued for what it was... A tool that makes me a better version of who I already am, as well as, a greater blessing to those I know and love.

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