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Ep. #43 - Optimism Can Be Profitable

Ep. #43 - Optimism Can Be Profitable
Ep. #43 - Optimism Can Be Profitable

So I'm a sci-fi geek, which means I believe (even hope) that life exists on other planets. They might be on their way here right now to end life on this planet as we know it. That could mean to wipe us out, and steal our planet's resources; or even to make us their food ("To Serve Man") style - as is the typical sci-fi result of "Alien Invasion". Or a more optimistic take on it, could be that they end disease and even aging itself - share their knowledge, technology - and take us to the stars. I say all of this because...

This 43rd Episode of the... and Landlord Podcast is about Optimism versus Pessimism - and how a person with an Optimistic outlook over the past decade (since 2010) had a much better chance of profiting financially than did someone with a Pessimistic eye towards the future.

Here I go into some of the many reasons a person might have legitimately had for being a Pessimist. But how resisting that tendency could have been very profitable - especially in Rental Real Estate Investing, or even Stocks. I explain how I'm an optimist in most things... I'm not expecting the Zombie Apocalypse. I'm not expecting an Alien Invasion. Not looking for a meteor to strike. Don't expect the government to fall or the economic system to crash (again) - at least not anytime soon.

So I am proceeding with an Optimistic outlook towards the future. And as such, I'm making investments NOW, that I fully expect all will still be around (including myself) to benefit from in that future. And I make the point that a person who had that outlook in 2010, and acted accordingly - likely had a great decade. Are you an Optimist or a Pessimist? What do you expect the next decade to hold for you? Because Optimism can be Profitable.

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